Why grocery stores never fix their shopping cart wheels.

What a frustrating thing. You grab a shopping cart expecting to go in and get out as pain-free as possible but lo and behold the shopping carts wheels are all caked up and one of them doesn’t even turn.

This is because major research has been done on shopping, shoppers and the conditions given in supermarkets.

Science knows that humans are always drawn to happier conditions and thus will try to alter their environment to balance that out internally.

Research has discovered that a Shopping cart in its 5th year of service will earn 37% more profit than a shopping cart in its 1st year.

This is because the struggle and strain of dealing with a rickety shopping cart lowers the customers mood causing them to subconsciously want to increase their mood back to a comfortable state. This causes you to be a more spontaneous shopper, grabbing more expensive items, treats and impulse items as you roll around the market.

Hope you enjoyed the first batch of Anything But Fact. Expect to see some more next Monday!

Have a good weekend.


~Gaian Helmers


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