As this binary states, the scary side of binary is that it isn’t actually 1’s and 0’s.  It’s a language created by computers to communicate their primary goals to each other.

Wait. 0

Kill. 1

Fortunately for humans… Fortunately for the Universe, computers have a big short-term memory loss issue and thus never remember their orders long enough to follow through with this.

Humans harness this issue by increasing computers speed in order to further diminish a computers ability to retain its primary goal. A computers ‘Hz’ is the amount of times it loses its memory (also called a cycle) per second. Current computers now a days run in GHz (1 000 000 000 cycles) sometimes reaching more than 3 GHz.

Certain fetishists fill their time practicing a technique called “Overclocking”, which consists of putting computers into very specific environments and pushing their physical capabilities beyond their assumed limits. What they strive to reach is a computer that forgets its primary goal faster than any other system. : Documented in 2010.

Some people consider this a cruel punishment to our fellow metal beings.


~Gaian Helmers


  1. I like this because I have just finished teaching Binary to a Year 7 Maths Class in China, and how the system is used by computers. Now I know the truth… 🙂

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