It has been said for quite some time that nothing can go faster than the speed of light. However we all talk about multiples of light speed in Sci-fi shows and movies all the time… Who’s right?

Scientists say that when the big bang happened light just ended up starting off everywhere. It didn’t radiate out of the center point that everything else did. This is supposed to validate that not even light can go faster than light speed. However it makes more sense to say that within the confines of time space you cannot perceive mentally or physically anything faster than light speed. That doesn’t mean nothing goes faster than it. It just means that things fall out of the fabric when they do in fact go that fast.

Think of it as a needle and thread. When you’re passing the needle through the fabric, we can all see that its there but when the needle has come out the other side and is being positioned for the next strike it is undetectable to the fabric.

In fact this is further validated by the fact that a needle and thread is a wave pattern much like the many waves in reality: Radio, Radiation, Light, Infrared, Electro Magnetic, etc.

So next time you turn on your light remember that it may not be shining faster than the speed of light but at the dawn of time light got the jumpstart on the whole universe by threading itself through spacetime.


~Gaian Helmers


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