It’s your birthday. How do you feel?

It’s your birthday, time to celebrate. Suddenly someone asks that question that needs to be asked every single birthday:

“So how does it feel being ##?”

“I dunno” you respond. Much like every other year.


Well this happens to be a very interesting phenomenon. It is called “Birth Time Recurrence”. It’s the effect between the gap of your birth time (theoretically to the millisecond) and your time of celebration. It causes lack of defined experiential mile-stoning and a subtle lack of clarity.

This phenomenon is experienced in 100% of cultures that practice birthday celebration.


It effects everyone to different extents. Some believe it is due to the actual gap between celebration and birth time, such as those born in the middle of the night vs those born at noon. While others think it’s completely physiological.


One case states that a man having turned 34 actually began un-experiencing his life when asked how he felt being 34. This condition is called “Siphoning Eventus” and should be taken very seriously. This specific case lasted 37 hours and left the man in critical condition in the state of his 17-year-old self. Physically it was said that he looked like he had aged 10 years but mentally he had lost all his experiences and memories from 17 onward.

Psychologists say that this cannot be considered any form of memory loss or amnesia as it had caused physical effects to the patient, where as most memory cases are caused by physical trauma or mental conditions.


~Gaian Helmers


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