Chinese Firedrill

I’m not sure how far this… ‘joke’? is known. But to the North Americans who bring it up all the time, it is the act of stopping your car at a red light then everyone jumping out of the car and running around and getting back in the car in different seats.


Interestingly enough this does actually originate from China.

During the industrial boom in china there was also a boom in worker health and big hikes in regulations pertaining to worker health. This gave birth to many safety tests, among them the fire drill. (Known in China as the “Fire March”)


The firedrill was very costly to chinese factories and thus was carried out as efficiently to regulations as possible. The factory managers would shout out to everyone “Fire March” the workers as fast as they could would shut down their station, walk out of the building, pull a U turn 10 steps from out the door (roughly the same amount of steps needed to pace around a vehicle) and walk back in to reactivate their station and continue pumping out as many products as they could.


~Gaian Helmers




P.S. Sorry for missing last Fridays article. I’ve been really busy with big projects and gaining responsibilties as an adult. I’ll make it up to you with a Valentines Day article.

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