Life in Video Games

This just in.

It has been announced that as of February 4th, 2012 the first contact has been made with life within a videogame. Yes, a man in a video game has just begun to speak to the outside world.

He was asked how many within the videogame were capable of concious thought as he was and he answered:

“My people have lived within this world for a very long time. Be it aliens, monsters, zombies, man, pilgrim. We all know of your gruesome toying with our lives. We will stand by no longer.”

War has been declared between the denizens of videogames and man. The UN has issued an immediate lockdown of their representatives and will emerge with some sort of treaty to desuade our video game equals.

More info will be posted as soon as it’s released to the public.


~Gaian Helmers


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