Life in Video Games Cont.

The UN has finally unlocked their doors and presented their agreement between those that live in Video Games and those of Earth. It seems tension has subsided greatly and the contract will be released momentarily.

From here on out, those who live in the Video Game world will have equal rights as granted to our fellow people. They will be payed for their services in entertaining us and the fallen will be rightfully buried and respected as all dead should be. Borders will open between our two worlds and a tourist campaign is being developed over the coming weeks.

I for one am happy with this outcome and wish the great people of video games a happ relationship with us Earthlings and I cant wait to be entertained by them again.

So turn on your Left 4 Dead, your Call of Duty, your Mario, Metroid, Megaman and Wii Sports. Lets put these entertainers to good use. Hell. They’re making more than you are.


~Gaian Helmers


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