Valentines Special: Kissin’

Happy Valentines Day everyone! It’s Tuesday but I’m publishing a special article for you along side the scheduled 3 this week.

It has just been discovered that in a rare case, some people can get pregnant by kissing.

Now. Clean up whatever you just dropped on the floor.


There’s a new condition on the rise in young adults that causes them to suffer from pregnancy symptoms after kissing. Scientists are still unsure of what exactly causes this but they believe that humans are being born with a receptor in their lips that detects outside DNA. There’s a serious issue in this trait as it gives pregnancy symptoms without the actual pregnancy. Also this is not a condition that only affects women, men are recorded as being able to have these receptors and suffer from the same symptoms.

They believe this is because the receptors in the lips are generated while the fetus is un-gendered. This means that without another gene to tell it not to effect males, these receptors work as they will with anyone. This can be seen in other human attributes such as males having nipples.


Scientists call this a rogue evolutionary defect and are worried that it will be passed on to other generations, furthering its weave into human DNA.

However there are only 3 recognized cases of this condition currently. Further research will have to be made to determine the scope of this evolutionary trait.


~Gaian Helmers


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