A Strange Look at Man

Though this may not be filled with riveting fact, I’d like to bring up a strange topic…

Looking at humans in the perspective of nature.


Humans are an organic creature of skin and bone. But have you thought of the many processes that our skin and bones are going through?


Our skin is a large flesh bag thats glued to our strands of muscle and is stretched over our chest cavity in order to hold our internal organs inside of ourselves.

Our lungs, one of the strangest organs of all are sponge baloons that suck in O2 (oxygen) and feed our bloodcells. Much like a filter feeding muscle.

Our bones are hollow tubes of hard materials packed with a foamy fatty product called marrow and that marrow for some reason produces millions and millions of blood cells. (It’s happening as you read this.)


Disgustingly our mouth and our… are connected by one very very very long tube that intakes and ejects foods and objects. Even stranger, our skin connects without a seam to this tube, making us a complex ring.


Humans… and really, most animals are very very strange creatures.


~Gaian Helmers


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