A Strange Look at Earth

Continuing on with Monday’s “A Strange Look” I’d like to talk about the Earth. What is very normal to us, is really very bizarre in a grander view of things.


Earths core is a spinning ball of iron wrapped in an ocean of liquid hot iron.

Earth has oceans of H2O and Mineral spires and chasms. The H2O oceans drench the surrounding land by falling from the sky.

Strangely these oceans of H2O have allowed Earth to become riddled with creatures that dig, grow, eat, fly, live, die, run and a long long list more upon its surface. It is a comfortable -50C to 60C temperature and it lacks greatly in natural gasses and diamonds.


It has ecosystems that span from, thick unchartable jungle, to dry arid desert, to caustic freezing wastelands and everything inbetween.


It’s hard to really comprehend from the perspective we have but earth is quite a strange planet.


To summarize it in a theoretical quote kinda way…

“You mean your planet doesnt have 3 month long dust storms? Weird”

“You mean your planet doesn’t have oceans of methane? What do you drink to stay alive?”

“Woah, your planet is -40C? Thats blazing hot. How can you stand it?”


~Gaian Helmers


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