Sleepless Health

To most having a sleepless night can be terrible the next day. Staying up all night to finish a project or work is absolutely body breaking.

But to one man he owes his whole lively hood.  A man in Eastern Iceland turns 126 today and claims to not have slept a wink in the past 39 years. As crazy as it seems he says that if he has a steady 4th meal of vegetables and complex carbohydrates he feels invigorated and fresh all night. On his off days he meditates but never drifts to sleep. He has many hobbies such as plumbing, carving, painting, model making, jigsaw puzzles and much more. His favorite of all his hobbies is carpentry and it shows in his house. Hand built from the ground up every banister, floor board, baseboard, trim and cupboard has been hand crafted and carved by him.

He says he’s having the time of his life and hopes to live another 25-30 years. I hope he reaches that goal.


~Gaian Helmers


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