Flexibility: Evolution for the Best

Flexibility. At first thought you may imagine a gymnast or a snake or even a simple action like splits or double jointed-ness. Flexibility can be a lot of things but did you know that flexibility is the base tool for advanced evolution?


Now to initially clear things up, flexibility to my standards is the ability the flex, distort adjust and move to achieve certain goals.

Flexibility is what has made man, such an advanced being. Be it lips, to arms, to legs, to spine to brain everything man does has been founded upon our ability to flex to meet the requirements of our environment. We’ve been able to stand upright with the strength and flexibility of our spines; create mouth movements to whistle and create language; flex and move our fingers to use and manipulate tools, create and gesture symbols and meanings, direct and coordinate ourselves; adapt to our environments from arctic and desert wasteland to wet swamp to plains. Flexibility has founded and allowed man to advance beyond every other creature on earth. How can I come to this conclusion?


Well consider the next most advanced creatures on our planets. The dolphin, the squid, the octopus.. all of these are incredibly flexible creatures and very very advanced.  Just look up documentaries of them. The answer to all their abilities? Flexibility.


~Gaian Helmers


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