We Need More Time!

In physics there are many theories on the ways of the world, the universe, everything around us. Some theories involve 3 dimensions, others 4 and one theory, gaining more traction in the physics community has 9 dimensions.

The common factor among these theories? Time.

Every prominent theory of physics involves multiple space dimensions and 1 complimenting time dimension.

This however is an unfortunate pattern of habit. Many of the space dimensions are argued to be so small we cannot currently detect them in any way. From the common eye, to hyper powerful microscopes and detectors its just way too small.

Now with time… the idea is that it’s an all-encompassing dimension.. The dimension of time. However, what would that dimension of time be doing if you were to watch something change at such a slow pace that to any of us it would look like time is not happening at all?

Not much could be said about exactly what these effects could be but there’s a possibility that this second dimension of time would be the dimension that merges space with the currently seen time dimension.

This second dimension would be seen as the thing that receives spacial information from the absolute smallest objects in existence and allows things to then change and alter their course. Which would then expand and transition into the time we know of in our every day lives.

Black holes have this phenomenon. To anyone outside the hole anything that passes through the event horizon would look like it has stopped completely. This however is a very very large-scale view at the absolutely undetectable changes that take place in the T2 dimension.


~Gaian Helmers


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