To the Throne Room

We are all royalty when on the trusty (and sometimes untrustworthy) throne. It may not be glamorous but we all need to use the bathroom eventually.

But why is it that we call it the Throne? Many are told that it is because indoor plumbing was first created for royalty and often used very fancy chairs with holes through them as toilets.

While true it is not the reason why it is called the Throne. A few decades before the posh toilets of the modern kings and queens there was a king.
King Borough Thadius from the now lost nation of Frede’lachower (located in the current north of France). Borough had a digestive parasite known as Intestinal Mites, they feed on nutrient saturated intestinal flora and cause extreme diarrhea.

As you can safely assume, Borough spent most of his time in the bathroom, so much so that his servants began to joke that it was the new throne Room.

Jokes soon became reality when the king decided to added matters of state from within his new throne Room.

He passed away a few years later from lack of nutrition, his brief use of the bathroom as his throne Room left a lasting expression among his nation and it soon spread globally.

Let us all thank King Borough Thadius for making our trip to The Throne Room a little more fancy…


~Gaian Helmers


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