Lightning and Fire

Lightning and Fire, two very different things. But they actually happen to be made of the same thing.


Yes. Fire is made of heat and lightning, electricity. Did you know that they are the same?


Heat and electricity though different in effect are just two frequencies of the same matter. Heat is the slower of the two and electricity, much faster. You can see this effect when you run an electrical current through a lesser conducting material. This slows down the electrical current and thus emits heat once its slowed enough. Electrical stoves use this and I’m sure you’ve done a good couple of those kinds of experiments in school.

Unfortunately its very hard to speed up the frequency of heat into electricity. That is why you have to convert the heat energy into electricity. By using the heat to boil water you can then harness the waters energy to spin a generator and make electricity. This may seem like cheating but this is the only currently known way.


~Gaian Helmers


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