Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law. For those of you who don’t know what that law is, it is the law that if something wrong can happen, it will.

This is a very powerful law and makes itself known at the worst of times… When something can go wrong.

The biggest question though is: Who is this Murphy?

As a follow-up question: Why does he have such a terrible law to his name?

This is a tragic story about the 1300’s Jesus Murphy.

Jesus Murphy is an Eastern Canadian man who has been laced into the local culture since his life there. A proud lumberjack of a great lumberjack family line Jesus Murphy didn’t need much, he had friends and family and his very own house. A house that he had built himself with the spare lumber he harvested that year. [The house was demolished in 1567 due to a bunch of  controversy around his name.]

Unfortunately Jesus Murphy always spoke about how he had a looming cloud of misfortune and swore that one day it would be his end.

Even more unfortunate was that it was.

Jud Akinnas the Mayor of the village that Jesus Murphy resided in suffered from Night Terrors as well as Sleep Paralysis (further explained here). This is a very terrible set of conditions to have. One night during one of Juds spells he saw Jesus Murphy in his nightmares. He swore he was more clear than ever and Jesus Murphy had been casting bad omens upon him. He ended up gathering the whole village against him and soon Jesus Murphy was a wanted man.

Jesus Murphy knew this was his time, he didn’t want to give up his family or friends by fleeing, as he knew his misfortune would catch up to him eventually.

So he submitted to the village. They tied him to a maple tree and wrapped his head in pine needles. He was then fed only maple syrup until he passed away 5 days later.

Many believed this treatment of Jesus Murphy was unjust and others believed he was a saint. And thus a small group of devout followers started a religion on him. This was ingrained into the Eastern Canadian culture but the religion quickly disappeared in the 1400’s leaving only the name and the law.

Murphy’s Law.


~Gaian Helmers


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