Prices for the Letter ‘T’ Going Up

[No-e: -he le–ers in -he -i-le cos- me $385.70USD]

-his jus- in. Prices for -he le–er listed in -he -i-le has risen -o a paramoun- price -oday.

S-ock for -his le–er has dropped like a s-one and has sen- sales skyrocke-ing. Being a small supplier of le–ers has only allowed me -o purchase three uses of -his lis-ed le–er.

I will update wi-h more info when finances allow.

Sell all your -‘s as soon as possible if you own any. Millionairs are popping up everywhere as you read -his.

[No-e: If you can’- read -his. Copy i- -o Word sof-ware and replace all the – with t’s] (cos- me ano-her $128.56 USD)


~Gaian Helmers


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