Anatomy of a Yawn

Ever have a yawn get stuck?



Well scientists have broken down the yawn into 3 stages. Trigger, Draw and Release.

The Trigger stage is the point where your body knows it needs to yawn, you open your mouth and feel that tension begin in the pit of your chest. It then transitions into the Draw stage.

The Draw stage is the prolonged moment as you draw in a large amount of air and build up into the release stage. This is the iconic action that designates a yawn.

The Release is the breaking point in which the tension of the yawn releases and you get that satisfying relaxation from the completion of your yawn.


Some people, such as myself suffer from “Cyclic Segmentation Syndrome” which is the lack of a change from the Draw stage to the Release stage. It has no known physiological condition but it is a largely suffered syndrome. Some people can miss the switch which is just a missed response however some heavy sufferers of CSS havent ever completed a full yawn cycle.


~Gaian Helmers


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