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Hiccups are a very curious condition. They come up when you laugh or when you eat dry foods. Very contrasting causes for the same result.


Hiccups are actually your bodies way to counter heart attacks.

Insane conclusion? Absolutely not.


The portion of your brain that calculates physics, (things such as throwing a ball or deciding how fast something is travelling towards you when crossing the street) is actually monitoring very precise cycles such as your heart beat, your intestinal rhythms and your breathing. When your heart beat is falling out of rhythm it may lag too far behind and ‘skip a beat’ this would trigger a heart attack and potentially kill you.

There for your brain will start to make you hiccup (contracting your diaphram while taking a deep inhalation of air) in order to pump your heart and forcefully beat it back into synchronization.


Our bodies do an incredible bunch of things to maintain our health.


~Gaian Helmers