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Tree Speech

It has been known for a very long time that a trees rings dictate how many years its been alive.


This however, has left the topic so common that no one has stopped to think about them any further.

It is believed that trees speak a language far far far far surpassing that of the first human language. The facts are in their rings…


Each gap represents a certain ‘point’ in a pattern, think of morse code. The sentence starts from the center ring and moves outward in any direction. It is an incredibly slow and drawn out language that takes a very long time to get to the point, but it is there. We just need to listen.


Other researchers argue that the sentences start in the center and read out to the end. But each sentence is only one degree of the radius of the tree. Thus a tree can say hypothetically infinite things, but realistically almost 360 sentences all at once. This is further verified by the fact that each ring is not uniform in its shape meaning that a point could be saying delicious and 2 inches further down it could be saying basket. If read center out at these different points they could be completely different topics or even a full on conversation.


The currently deciphered tree words are:

Hurt – Using 4 rings.

Rain – Using 5 rings.

Water – Using 2 rings.

Food – Using 2 rings.

Air – Using 6 rings.

Sick – Using 5 rings.


Perhaps in the near future we will be able to have some good conversations with some elder trees. Though the downside is, in order to see their half of the conversation we have to cut them down. Pretty big bummer if you ask me.


~Gaian Helmers



The Chicken or the Egg

The egg dates WAY before the chicken, so the egg.

The real question is what came first, the chicken or the chicken egg.

The answer is quite simple, the chicken had to come first. Evolutionary traits come from reproduction, passing on certain genetic traits as well as traits appreciated over the animal’s life. Therefor a pre-chicken evolved into a chicken, then created the first chicken egg.

Basically: Hyper Super Raptor Egg > Chicken > Chicken Egg.

Unfortunately the Hyper Super Raptor went extinct soon after chickens came to be.


~Gaian Helmers


Ancient Pine Tree

After the Cambrian Explosion a species of tree grew lush on the super continent Pangaea.

Known by scientists as “Pinus Terra” this incredible pine tree grew upside down. The trunk, branches and needles all grew below ground only exposing its roots to intake carbon dioxide.

The impact this tree had on the world should be known by everyone as this tree later evolved to poke its soft tender needles out of the ground taking over the surface as grass. This is further validated by the fact that grass is found on all continents including Antarctica.


~Gaian Helmers