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New Element Discovered

There has been a new element discovered that is incredibly rare. This element much like many elements are required to be ingested in a small amount to balance our bodies chemical compositions. Due to the lack of knowledge of this elemt many people on earth are very deficient in this and thus lack the chemical balance that allows them to function normally.

The element has been titled “IntegriT” and is still being researched further for its Atomic Weight and other attributes.

Expect to see more thorough reports on foods and supplements that offer IntegriT.


~Gaian Helmers



Lightning and Fire

Lightning and Fire, two very different things. But they actually happen to be made of the same thing.


Yes. Fire is made of heat and lightning, electricity. Did you know that they are the same?


Heat and electricity though different in effect are just two frequencies of the same matter. Heat is the slower of the two and electricity, much faster. You can see this effect when you run an electrical current through a lesser conducting material. This slows down the electrical current and thus emits heat once its slowed enough. Electrical stoves use this and I’m sure you’ve done a good couple of those kinds of experiments in school.

Unfortunately its very hard to speed up the frequency of heat into electricity. That is why you have to convert the heat energy into electricity. By using the heat to boil water you can then harness the waters energy to spin a generator and make electricity. This may seem like cheating but this is the only currently known way.


~Gaian Helmers


Sponges: Our Little Bacteria Infested Friends.

It has already been shown that sponges after small amounts of time become disgusting cesspools of infection and disease…


However have you ever considered why they may turn out this way.

The first thing to understand is that kitchen cleaning sponges aren’t produced, they are farmed. Kitchen sponges in their many forms and colours are sea sponges that are put through a myriad of processes to grow into the things we use on dishes every day.


Many processes have since been revealed to the public, I’ll share some of them now:

The abrasive side of sponges are created when a certain mineral powder is dusted on one side of the almost completely grown sponge, the mineral composition is a closely kept secret among many sponge brands and vary in the finer details of portions.

The vibrant colours of sponges (yellow is their natural tone) are created by saturating their water with materials such as magnesium (for green), Lithium Chloride (for red) and Sodium Chloride (for orange) to name a few.

The shapes of sponges is fairly simple to produce, once a sponge begins to grow they place them within shapers, much like square watermelons. Once they’ve fully grown they should hold their shape and look exactly like the sponges we know of today.


So why are sponges putrid disease bags?

Well sponges are simple organisms with many little pockets of air. You constantly wet them and break down their interior structure and it leaves them prone to infection. Soon the sponge has been worked into a pulp and has long since died. At this point it begins to rapidly absorb many bacteria allowing for a rich nutrient filled shelter, warmed by the temperature of the water, fed by the food and sponge particles and constantly re-hydrated by the use for cleaning dishes.


A tip for the sponge owner:

After doing the dishes, once your sponge has reached the middle of its prime. (When its starting to show wear and is a lot more malleable) throw it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds depending on the power of your microwave. Your sponge should be dead by that point, so you’re only eradicating the bacteria that would otherwise be growing and spreading among its body.


Good luck and enjoy the clean dishes.



~Gaian Helmers


Sterioscopic Man

Now symmetry isn’t a far off concept. It’s the measurement of the mirroring of our many features. To be very symmetrical is to have your eyes level and evenly spaced across from the center of your face, to have your nose straight and level from nostril to nostril, to have your ears in the same position on either side of your head.



The interesting thing about it is WHY we have these double features in most of our bodies, 2 arms; 2 legs; 2 hands; 2 index, middle, ring, pinky fingers; 2 eyes, ears, nostrils, eyebrows, lungs, nipples; 2 sets of toes; etc.

Believe it or not it is solidly set up at the very moment you come into existence. At the very first cell split you become mirrored. 1 total cell becomes 2 with a vertical split down the middle.

Sound familiar? That’s exactly at a cellular level, what we have at a much larger scale. Our single features are actually evolved from a mirrored feature to become a single feature. Which is why we can still measure the symmetry of your mouth for example. In other situations, like with our heart and digestive tract it would be too complicated and elaborate to run with a double organ.


We are a very stereoscopic species.


~Gaian Helmers


We Need More Time!

In physics there are many theories on the ways of the world, the universe, everything around us. Some theories involve 3 dimensions, others 4 and one theory, gaining more traction in the physics community has 9 dimensions.

The common factor among these theories? Time.

Every prominent theory of physics involves multiple space dimensions and 1 complimenting time dimension.

This however is an unfortunate pattern of habit. Many of the space dimensions are argued to be so small we cannot currently detect them in any way. From the common eye, to hyper powerful microscopes and detectors its just way too small.

Now with time… the idea is that it’s an all-encompassing dimension.. The dimension of time. However, what would that dimension of time be doing if you were to watch something change at such a slow pace that to any of us it would look like time is not happening at all?

Not much could be said about exactly what these effects could be but there’s a possibility that this second dimension of time would be the dimension that merges space with the currently seen time dimension.

This second dimension would be seen as the thing that receives spacial information from the absolute smallest objects in existence and allows things to then change and alter their course. Which would then expand and transition into the time we know of in our every day lives.

Black holes have this phenomenon. To anyone outside the hole anything that passes through the event horizon would look like it has stopped completely. This however is a very very large-scale view at the absolutely undetectable changes that take place in the T2 dimension.


~Gaian Helmers


Flexibility: Evolution for the Best

Flexibility. At first thought you may imagine a gymnast or a snake or even a simple action like splits or double jointed-ness. Flexibility can be a lot of things but did you know that flexibility is the base tool for advanced evolution?


Now to initially clear things up, flexibility to my standards is the ability the flex, distort adjust and move to achieve certain goals.

Flexibility is what has made man, such an advanced being. Be it lips, to arms, to legs, to spine to brain everything man does has been founded upon our ability to flex to meet the requirements of our environment. We’ve been able to stand upright with the strength and flexibility of our spines; create mouth movements to whistle and create language; flex and move our fingers to use and manipulate tools, create and gesture symbols and meanings, direct and coordinate ourselves; adapt to our environments from arctic and desert wasteland to wet swamp to plains. Flexibility has founded and allowed man to advance beyond every other creature on earth. How can I come to this conclusion?


Well consider the next most advanced creatures on our planets. The dolphin, the squid, the octopus.. all of these are incredibly flexible creatures and very very advanced.  Just look up documentaries of them. The answer to all their abilities? Flexibility.


~Gaian Helmers


New Genious on the Block

It has just recently been documented that Octopi are rapidly reaching intellectual development equivalent to our own. Scientists noticed the octopi gesturing things to each other with their tentacles, at first it seemed very basic and uncoordinated but one scientist recognized some patterns.


Binary. Yes. The octopi were communicating to each other in binary. Each tentacle is bit 1 through 8 and motioning its whole body up or down from its starting position is 9 and 10. Scientists are currently trying to figure out which tentacle exactly is which bit of information but they say that it should take them a few weeks at most.


No one knows if this is a universal language among octopi or if it’s a special case among this clan, but whats clear to me is that we may not be at the top of the food chain for long.


~Gaian Helmers